4-member female group 2NE1’s 2nd ‘Fire’ performance has received the praises from netizens.

The group had their 2nd performance of ‘Fire’ on 31st May on SBS Inkigayo after their debut performance on 17th May.

Netizens who saw today’s performance commented, “They look more confident”, “Actually to say the truth, watching their 1st performance, I was quite disappointed with the performance of some of the members. But this 2nd performance, the girls proved to be better. And I’m looking forward to more performances by them”, “They look like they have adapted well since last performance. This is a much upgraded performance, can’t be compared to the 1st one.”

With their 2nd performance just done a few hours back, netizens have been hot into discussing about it, and just on SBS noticeboard, there are over 100 of comments posted.

2NE1'S 2nd Performance

For the last day of May, we have Inkigayo coming back on air after 2 weeks.

Today, we have comeback stages by Koyote, Lee Jung Hyun; and also other must-see performances by 2NE1, 2PM and Super Junior.

And group SG Wannabe wins their first Mutizen on Inkigayo with ‘I Love You’ 1 year after their comeback.

2NE1's second performance with "Fire" was a success.

The girls look more confident this time, and hyped up the crowd so easily. Bom and Dara actually have a lot of improvements this time around ; their voice can be heard more clearly this time. Well some pointed out that CL’s hair – it's like a bad revival of GDs bun in the Lies days. Minzy is too cute.

Great performance all in all. They don’t look like newcomers at all.

Though missing the pomp and circumstance of the first epic stage, the group put on a sharper performance than their debut, as the vocals were clearer and the whole choreography had a bit more mmph - especially maknae Minji's trademark pedobear-attracting chest thrusts. The much-ballyhooed rookie group looked like seasoned veterans, though I guess they had a whole fourteen days to practice since their last stage. I like that they put lots of space between their performances, as it prevents the overkill that sometimes occurs with M.Net/Bank/Core/Inki on consecutive nights, but with stages like this, I think 2NE1 fans could use some more appearances from the group.

The group also had their first music-show interview:

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Park Bom “Vocal and smiley eyes are my charms”

Park Bom who had worked with Lee Hyo Ri in an advertisement, proudly referred her unique vocal as her charming point.

Park Bom mentioned during the recent interview with Asia Economic News, “CL is best in rapping and Minji is best in dancing, while my charm is this unique vocal. In order to make everyone falling into my charm, I will work harder to develop my charm.”

Other than the vocal, what else is the charm of Park Bom? Park Bom said with a smile, “I still have another charming point, which is my smiley eyes.”, her eyes with a smile became prettier.

Park Bom
had already been on stage and showed her talent before during the YG concert. Park Bom whom everybody thought that she might be debuting soon back then, but unexpectedly she joins 2NE1 as the member after for so long.

“I don’t have the greed for being solo. Since I started to join YG, I have been dreaming to become the group like Destiny Child, therefore I have been waiting for the right time.”

For the first broadcasted debut stage in Inkigayo that had the waiting after another waiting and hope after another hope, they are not satisfied with it. "This is because my true strength didn’t really show off well."

"It’s very sorry about the Inkigayo. Either they way we stared at the camera or the way we hold a mic, we still have a lot of deficiencies. But we will work harder in order to present a better stage performance in the next time."

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2NE1’s debut song ‘Fire’ has been up #1 on illegal download site for the 3rd consecutive week.

MusicSave, which investigates into music and media content downloads online, said, “On popular illegal download sites P2P, Webhard, together with several online cafes, 2NE1’s ‘Fire’ stands 22.7% of the illegal music downloads, the song is up #1 for the download chart for 3 weeks through.”

2NE1 is the first artiste after So Nyeo Shi Dae to top illegal download charts for such long run. Already being up on the chart for 3 week consecutively has already shown their popularity. They are also one of the top searched keywords on portal sites.

Until now, they only performed once which is also their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May.

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Update via their cafe:

5월 31일 SBS 인기가요 참여안내!! new 운영ː2NE1... 14:03


The girls will be performing on SBS Inkigayo this Sunday!

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Even the tough poppin dance wouldn’t be a problem for Gong MinJi, we can really see that this girl has a passion for dancing.

In a recent interview she said, “My grandmother likes the fact that I’m dancing and she gives me her support. She did not object when I said I want to be a singer.

Gong MinJi is the granddaughter of famous dance Gong Ok Jin, who is known for her folk dance ‘hunchback dance’. Though the 2 dance to different dances, they both have the same passion.

MinJi said, “At first because I was introduced with grandmother’s name, it is quite a pressure for me. But with this pressure, I told myself I have to work harder. I will show my own powerful dance.

I really love dancing. I feel really delighted when I am dancing. Also I can feel the energy flowing through me. I can feel happiness through dancing.

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Sandara Park talks about not having being able to continue on her entertainer career in the Philippines as “no regrets”.

She said in a recent interview, “I was promoting as an entertainer in the Philippines, but I took the bold step and went on as YG trainee. But I have no regrets about not being able to continue my entertainer career in the Philippines.

Of course, training as a YG trainee, I have no guarantee for debut. I have no guarantee for success, but because I have dreams to be a Korean entertainer, I worked hard on it.

Dara has been a reporter, actress and singer in the Philippines. She began to gain interests from Koreans after KBS introduced her in one of the programmes. When she went to Korea for a visit, she was given a basic test from YG Entertainment and then joined as a trainee a month later.

She went over to live in Korea and trained for 3 years before debuting as 2NE1.

After first about joining 2NE1, YG was a little doubtful about it. Because it seems that she has yet to get the hip hop ‘feel’. But Dara worked hard to show satisfaction. She kept listening to hip hop music and dance to hip hop dance.

About the photoshoot that became the topic amongst netizens lately taken in the Philippines, Dara explained about it. The idea of the photoshoot was suggested by one of the seonbae. But the photoshoot concept turned out to be different from what she thought.

Plus back then the atmosphere to the photoshoot was serious, she thought she could not run away from it. And with that she did a 'sexy' photoshoot.

Click here for Dara's 'sexy' photoshoot. =S

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Girl group 2NE1 has renacted their sibling group Big Bang's "hundred million apotheosis (?) '

2NE1 had released their single (Fire) on the 6th and just after 12 days have made sales records in the million won range. Their senior group, Big Bang, who are in the same label as them have recently made over 10 million won in sales with 3 CM songs and so is being compared to that. In the singing industry it can be as far as to coin them as "the million won siblings". In one music portal site the party stated "Until the 17th 2NE1's sales were calculated to be over 2 million won. When they had finally appeared on their first ever music program on the 17th the sales had went up overwhelmingly."

This result has come from SK Telecom's sound source service that first changed MLB system's sales into consumer price and then into the total market scale. The surprising thing about it is that just after one appearance on a program the outcome had increased a lot. On the 17th, the only program 2NE1 appeared on was the SBS music program . When 2NE1 had appeared on stage on the program the viewer's rating had skyrocketed into 14.9% (according to AGB Media).

Their record label, YG Entertainment's party states "The strategy of participating in a famous commericial before their debut to get to know them had a strong effect."

2NE1 consists of Park Bom, Sandara Park, Gong Minji, and CL who are planning to release a mini album and start their activities in the beginning of next month.

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2NE1 member Sandara Park’s (25) bizarre selca photos taken when she was in the Philippines have been the topic amongst netizens online.

The photos were posted on various online discussion forums with post titles ‘Sandara Park bizarre photos’ or ‘Sandara Park bizarre selca’.

Netizens said, “It is fun to see a different side to the pure innocent image she has”, “Is taking bizarre photos Sandara’s hobby? She looks cute in then”, “These make me forget about the age difference between her and 2NE1’s youngest member MinJi” etc.


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The activity of girl groups will continue without stopping this year.

Last year, the the girl group activity was busier than ever. Wondergirls was in the center of it all, and the representative girl group SNSD led the fever this year.

Last year, Wondergirls showed to be most active, creating a girl-group wave with their song "Nobody." Wondergirls made everybody point their fingers and do the gun dance to the song, and gathered a lot of momentum to hold their first concert. On Mnet chart, the album reached the top just two days after it went on sale, and it also placed first for 5 weeks.

Likewise, SNSD continued on this fever for girl groups this year. SNSD was noticeably popular not only in the music world, but they also appeared on shows and CF's very frequently because of their song, "Gee". It was deserved to be called the "Gee" wave. SNSD placed 1st for 7 weeks on the same chart that Wondergirls placed 1st for 5 weeks. They had the honor of having first place for the longest amount of time.

If Wondergirls and SNSD captured music fans by showing their youthfulness, liveliness, and cuteness, then this summer, the girl group different than all the others will come out to continue with the wave.

These girls, 2NE1, were called "the Girl Big Bang" and became popular even before they debuted. 2NE1 sang the song "Lollipop" with the Big Bang members before they formally debuted, creating publicity, and are currently active promoting their debut song, "Fire." Unlike previous girl groups, they have hip hop roots with their powerful performances on stage are their strong points.

SNSD, Wondergirls, and 2NE1 who is continuing with the girl group streak, are not only going to energize the pop world, but they are making us expectant for more diverse girl groups.

Source: Daum Media and Osen
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Newcomer female group 2NE1 is #1 on Mnet music chart for the 2nd week consecutive.

Their debut song ‘Fire’ is up at #1 position on the chart for the 3rd week of May. The debut song of the group has gave good results to be up on the chart for 2 weeks consecutively. While the CM song ‘Lollipop’ they sang together with Big Bang has fell 3 positions to be at #11, staying on the chart for its 9th week.

The rest of the chart results:

  1. 2NE1 - ‘Fire’
  2. Super Junior – ‘It’s You’ (up 2 positions from last week)
  3. SeeYa, Davichi and Ji Yeon - ‘Female Generation’ (fell 1 position from last week)
  4. 2PM – ‘Again & Again’
  5. Davichi - ‘My Man’
  6. SHINee - ‘Juliette’
  7. Super Junior – ‘Sorry Sorry’
  8. SG Wannabe – ‘I Love You’
  9. After School – ‘Diva’
  10. K Will – ‘Tears Are Falling’

SeeYa, Davichi and JiYeon’s ‘Forever Love’ fell 16 positions in 3 weeks to be at #24 currently. And for this week, song ‘I like you’ by Yozoh and Kim Jin Pyo went up 78 positions to be at #28 in 2 weeks. Monday Kiz Lee Jin Seon’s ‘Foolish Love’ also went up 72 positions to be at #63. While Baek Ji Young’s ‘Love’s the culprit’ is at #33 on the chart for its first week.

For new songs this week, Lee Jung Hyun’s ‘Crazy’ is at #43, Kim Bum Soo’s ‘Regret as much as you forget’ is at #43 and Gavy NJ ‘Twilight’ is at #49.

credit: KBites + together2ne1

It has been disclosed that Teddy, originally a member of hip-hop group 1TYM and now an active producer, rejected an offer to work with Lady Gaga, a pop-singer who is gaining the most popularity in the United States today.
Yang Hyun Suk, the president of YG Entertainment in which Teddy and 2NE1 are affiliated with, revealed, “A few months ago, Teddy and I attended a meeting with Jimmy Iovine, the representative of Interscope,” and, “After listening to songs that Teddy produced, Iovine asked if Teddy could produce a song for Lady Gaga.”
Interscope, composed of Lady Gaga as well as Black Eyed Peas, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Limp Bizkit, and a great number of popular artists, is the biggest entertainment company in the United States.
Additionally, Yang Hyun Suk said, “However, at that time Teddy could only reject the offer to work with Lady Gaga because he was working on 2NE1’s debut album,” and “Because he rejected all outside offers and focused more on 2NE1’s album, we could see good results.”
Teddy produced various hit songs such as TaeYang’s ‘Look at Only Me,’ Uhm JungHwa’s ‘Disco,’ and Big Bang’s ‘Sunset Glow’ last year and ‘Lollipop,’ which swept up all 1st places on music charts without any special broadcast activities, recently. His skills have surfaced once again with 2NE1’s debut song, ‘Fire,’ which he produced and is gathering attention by taking 1st places on music ranks.

orginal source here
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Is there any other group that can be a better topic maker than them before debut? 2NE1 has attracted many attention and topics due to the deeds like the collaboration with Big Bang in a CM song that has been topping the online music charts for weeks, they has showed their debut stage in SBS Inkigayo on 17th, and officially made their challenge in the music industry.

2NE1 which is composed of CL (18), Sandara Park (25), Park Bom (25), Minzy (15) has released their debut song “FIRE”, and has presented a different style of music and appearance from typical group to the fans. Without the makeup, they have the pure look compare to when they were on stage, it’s very childish.

# The perspective of affirming and disaffirming “Female Big Bang”!

Before the debut of 2NE1, they have decided to throw off the active broadcasting activities, and only bring one high completion/perfect performance per week to meet with the fans. Before confirmation of the name of group 2NE1, they have been labelled with “Female Big Bang” and thus becoming a hot issue, either after their first stage performance or before their debut, they are always being the hot topic.

The compliments about their stage performance such as “shining with the charisma that doesn’t look like a rookie”, “the charming performance that shows off a different feeling from the typical idol girl group” are the affirmation. While as for the disaffirmation, they had been given a 6 minutes long performance even though they are a rookie group, that was a special treatment compare to the others that had only 2~3 minutes stage performance, and hence this has attracted negative sight.

2NE1 was neither happy nor sad about these, but they continue to keep working on what they should do prudently. CL mentioned: “After the first stage performance, we feel that there are many regrets. We have already tried our best, but due to the lacking of stage experiences, many problems have risen like the unskillful way of holding a mic. We wanted to present a more enjoyable look, but we couldn’t show off everything due to the nerves. We will work harder in the future in order to keep up the expectation from everybody.”

About the great attention they received before their debut, CL said: “Although there is pressure, but it still has the positive side. It’s not a bad thing to show our excellent look as a return to those concerns. We are under the same company as Big Bang sunbae and that might be the reason of being labelled as “Female Big Bang”, but that’s also like becoming a VIP, isn’t? Therefore, we are very grateful about it too.”

Sandara Park added, “There isn’t anything that is as honour as being someone like Big Bang.”

# I still want to become a singer after I reborn!

Recently, most of the members of idol groups had experienced a nearly 10 years time of trainee life before making their officially debut. Just having the faith of “must become a singer” within the 10 years time, but it is not easy to hold on to it. However, 2NE1 who also had their trainee period said that they will still choose the pathway to become a singer even they have to reborn; they make their dream comes true after experiencing the trainee life, thus they think that they are blessed.

When they are giving advices to their juniors who are also having the dream to become singer, 2NE1 said: “Must have faith in your own dream and work hard, wait for the right opportunity and your dream will come true”.

Of course there will be depressed sometimes. CL mentioned: “If practice continuously, sometimes I will feel depressed, but since that is the thing that I like, so I never think of giving up”. While Sandara Park said: “The moment that I really feel like giving up was the moment that my strength suddenly stopped improving for a long period time. Other members can handle that situation well, and taught me the way to stay strong, so I had got over that.”

Park Bom said: “After the long trainee life, I have prepared for solo before, and then get merged with the group members. After all these, I had the moment of getting tired of all the waiting before.” While Minzy said: “My vocal is kinda constrained, I feel so painful when I thought that “I can’t sing”. Thus, I have undergone harsh vocal practices.”

The 94-er Minzy is now preparing for exam. Carrying the both high school life and trainee life at the same time, but no matter how she still want to focus more on training and choose to leave the school. This is not an easy selection, but she confidently said: “I choose that because it is the thing that I like, I won’t regret.” CL was looking at this Minzy, and praised the maknae: “She has been reading a lot of books. Lyrics writing, composing, that’s surprising.”

# Neutral feel is what we want!

The music and style of 2NE1 is emitting the charm of neutral. About this, 2NE1 laughed and said: “It’s very thankful that you can see us as that.”

CL said: “We usually like the music from male singers, and also hiphop, that’s why there are such elements in our music. We also like the man’s brands of clothing very much, it has already reached the level that whoever saw us will say that we are the four guys. The preparation of debut album is also for making the music that can let us present ourselves better.

# There are a lot that we want to learn from WG, SNSD!”

Not only accepting many advices from Big Bang, as for WG, SNSD who has set off the girl group wave since last year till this year, we see them as the seniors that we have many things to learn from even though their music is totally different from ours.

We have learned from Big Bang about their daily life practices, and also their style on stage. We want to learn their sincerity when we saw them still keep practicing till the midnight, and we have also remembered their every movements and facial expressions when they were on the stage.

They look like a bunch of lively girls, but when talk about the dream and the planning of music, they have the stronger determination and heart than anyone else, and making people feel that their hidden talents are about to burst. Compare to the best rookie of the year, they are more anticipating to have their own concert, the excitement and positive force toward this dream has gave them the determination to start the new evolution of hiphop girl group. Let us look forward to them who are about to flip their wings and enjoy flying toward the sky.

News source: Osen/21.Impact
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[NEWS] More on 2NE1.

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Sandara Park (Korean: 박산다라, Hanja:-, born November 12, 1984 in Busan, South Korea) is a Korean who once starred in movies and television shows in the Philippines. Her unusual three-syllable Korean name, which she has talked about numerous times during interviews, comes from that of a Korean general, Kim Yushin - whose childhood name was "Sandara (산다라)." Sandara Park made her debut in 2004 with ABS-CBN's Star Circle Quest.

Early life
Sandara was born to affluent Korean parents. However, by the time Sandara was 8-years-old, her father's relatives placed him in a financially tight spot which then crippled his business. In hope of recovering from this strain, Sandara's father tried his luck in the Philippines. He settled in a small apartment in Pasay City, and started a business. Sandara and her family remained at her grandmother's house in South Korea for some time until her father finally had enough money to relocate them to the Philippines.

Sandara enrolled in voice lessons at the Center for Pop Music in the early 2000s. Initially, no one in their family was fluent in English or Tagalog. However, she learned English when she began school in the Philippines, and later became quite fluent in Tagalog.
Stardom in the Philippines

Rise to Philippine showbiz
During one of her school functions, Sandara met Pauleen Luna, who was then a talent of ABS-CBN Channel 2 Talent Center. Luna encouraged the shy Sandara to audition for Star Circle Quest, a then-up-and-coming reality talent search for ABS-CBN.

The show's judges called her in, and she was able to elude elimination several times, paving the way for her inclusion into the contestant-pool's top ten. Being a native Korean, she displayed some trouble with the daily exercises set by the panel of Filipino judges. During the last elimination round in which the final five contestants were chosen, Sandara made Philippine history by garnering approximately 500,000 text votes, making her the first female to garner that much SMS support. And so she remained until the final night when she was announced runner-up to Hero Angeles. It is estimated that she got at least 2,000,000 accumulated SMS votes from supporters during the entire run of the contest.

Star Status Established
ABS-CBN showered Park with projects after her Star Circle Quest days. She had six local commercial endorsements for personal care and food products. She also received several television show offers. She starred in a youth-oriented program SCQ Reload, OK Ako , and hosted Sandara's Romance, a show featuring Korean dramas and commentary. She also had a hosting stint on ASAP Fanatic, a Sunday noontime teen variety show. She also appeared in a local daily primetime superhero soap opera, Krystala, as Kim, who shared similarities with her real-life self, but her tight schedule limited her appearances.

In addition, Sandara also embarked on a musical career that eventually led to the release of her self-titled 6-track album which spawned the novelty dance hits "In Or Out," a song that parodied her experiences on Star Circle Quest, and "Walang Sabit," the jingle for Rejoice Shampoo. As proof of Sandara's rapid rising-star status, the album was certified double platinum after 6 months.

Sandara also appeared in four movies. Her first was a three-storyline movie called Bcuz of U in which she co-starred with other prominent young local actors. Her second movie was with her loveteam partner, Hero Angeles, Can This Be Love, which grossed P 99,000,000. Her third movie was with her ex-boyfriend,Joseph Bitangcol, D' Lucky Ones. Her fourth movie was Super Noypi. Super Noypi is a Filipino fantasy film. It is also an official entry to 32nd Metro Manila Film Festival.

Return to Korea
Sandara left the Philippines and returned to South Korea on August 1, 2007 with her mother and siblings to begin a new life. The next day, August 2, 2007, YG Entertainment reported that they had signed a contract with Sandara. As a new member of the YG family, she joined popular Korean artists and bands such as Se7en, JINUSEAN, LEXY, and 1TYM. Sandara has already appeared in a Gummy MV for a song entitled "I'm Sorry" as a partner with T.O.P., a member of the group Big Bang. Sandara has debuted along with CL, Park Bom, and Gong Minji in May, 2009 as part of YG's female group 2NE1. 2NE1 released the music video of their debut song "Fire" on May 6th and performed their debut stage on May 17th on SBS Inkigayo.

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With the recent interests taken by the Korean netizens on newcomer group 2NE1 members Sandara Park, Park Bom and Minji, now they move on with the leader of the team CL.

Netizens posted up the photos of her fresh face and compare them with photos of her with thick makeup on.

Photos of her without makeup


And this taken when she was performing with Big Bang during one of the year-end music festivals last year.


Her with makeup



Her hair was down, which makes this picture super rare! Since she debuted her hair was always up, pulled back in a bun.

Source: sookyeong.wordpress.com
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Picture credit: shenyuepop.com

Yes, our girls 2NE1 are on TOP of the Naver search!

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popseoul.com quoted: "If you were expecting to see a flood of 2NE1 members on different variety shows, looks like you’ll be disappointed.

YG Entertainment has released a statement letting fans know that they will continue to handle 2NE1 differently from the run-of-the-mill idol groups. Instead of selling out to different television programs, 2NE1 will focus on their performances.


Well from what I saw in a Korean website, they're not coming out bacause YG Entertainment dosen't want the girls to look cheap. If they come out on too much variety shows, people might get sick of them or they might look cheap to the media. Which sounds somehow true yet a bit lame. =____="

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Newcomer group 2NE1 has been #1 on illegal music download sites for 2nd week consecutively.

On illegal music download sites P2P and Webhard and also several other cafe sites, 2NE1’s debut song ‘Fire’ is #1 for the 2nd week taking up 24% of illegal music download contents.

This group has been famous even before their debut with their hit CM song ‘Lollipop’ and their nickname as the ‘female Big Bang‘. Even though this does show the group and the song popularity, it certainly have some harms on the legal single downloads. This also points to the need of more copyright controls on music content.

The rest of the chart results:

  1. 2NE1 ‘Fire’
  2. SeeYa, Davichi and JiYeon with ‘Female Generation’ (from #4 last week)
  3. 2PM with hook song ‘Again & Again’
  4. Super Junior with ‘It’s You’
  5. ChaeYeon ‘Shake’

As we already know, ChaeYeon’s 2nd comeback album this time was also leaked out before the official release date. Plus because of the inappropriate content in the MV to the song ‘Shake’, the MV was banned from broadcast. Now that her song is #5 on illegal music download chart, it seemed that coming back as just sexy is so not enough for ChaeYeon.

credit: KBites + together2ne1

With all the hype, the recent debut, and the nonstop talk of YG’s newest quartet, 2NE1 is beginning to feel the heat of eagle-eyed netizens. 2NE1, or YG for that matter, is being accused of plagiarizing video sets and concepts from Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A. of recent “Paper Planes” fame. Two scenes from 2NE1’s “Fire” bear a striking resemblance to those from M.I.A.’s music video for her single, “Jimmy”, from her second studio-album, “Kala”.

This is not the first time YG company has been accused of copying. What with Big Bang’s G-Dragon and his all too familiar melodies and mini-Timberlake Seungri’s shot by shot copy of “My Love” for his solo effort “Strong Baby” MV. In one scene, 2NE1’s Sandra Park is dressed in Halloween store Indian garb while multiple hands move in unison behind her, resembling a statue of an Indian god. In another scene, a group shot, all the members perform while standing in front of a large brightly lit wall covered in light bright robots.

Now I know many fans of 2NE1 will argue that everyone borrows from everyone else, but wasn’t the fact that this group would be new and original what got you excited about them in the first place?

With every new group there seems to be a new squad of netizens to stick to them like white on rice. Actually, I kind of like netizens, they keep groups in the news and give observers something to talk about. Without their constant observance, many of these idol groups, especially the new ones, would simply fade away. So people should be grateful for the free press, positive or negative. Vive La Netizan! (say “zan” like “san” with a French accent and hold your laptops over your heads).

Source: www.seoulbeats.com
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There are heated talks after someone posted up old photos of Big Bang GDragon posing with member Park Bom.

The netizen who posted it up commented, “Selca of Big Bang GDragon and 2NE1 Park Bom. Don’t they look really close?”

Netizens said:

  • “That was used for Big Bangs MV. Plus the 2 are from the same company, what is the big deal about them being close?”
  • “How about you upload a photo of your own stomach up and we’ll see if that’s funny?”
  • “What is so funny about her stomach? She is so pretty and slim. That was not a nice shot of her.”
  • Park Bom is pretty. Just can’t tell if she has gone under the knife or not.”
  • “Seriously what is the intention of this post?”
  • “They totally looked close and intimate. I hate Park Bom.”
  • “You all are tricked! This is off Big BangWe Belong Together’ MV”

Those aside, the group sure is getting alot of attention for a newcomer.

Credits to: sookyeong.wordpress.com
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As if Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, Kara, After School and 2NE1 weren't enough... DSP, Star Empire, Mnet Media, and Cube Entertainment all have plans to launch new girl groups. 2009 seems to be the year of the girl groups, with the Wonder Girls' Tell Me, So Hot, Nobody craze and Girls' Generation's Gee craze, netizens can only take so much. DSP Entertainment, known for producing Fin.K.L (now disbanded), SS501, Kara, and AST'1, will be releasing a 7 member girl group tentatively called Rainbow. The girls are currently preparing for their album and will debut either in June or September so that they won't conflict with SS501's new album in August. Lee Ju Been from Rainbow had appeared before in their seniors, SS501's music video "A Song Calling For You".

announced "
They have been training for 3 years and their looks and talents are both top-notch. Even though there is Kara (seniors), they will be more of a sexy image instead of a cute one". Thank you so much, that's exactly what I needed to hear. I need more After School style groups and less cotton candy, artificially sweetened groups. Star Empire, known for groups like Jewelry and V.O.S, will be launching a knock off of Girls' Generation a 9 member group called Nine Muses. They include members who are known for their singing, dancing, acting, MCing, and modeling. They first appeared on a program with their seniors Jewelry and V.O.S to help promote a MNET reality show. Their debut date hasn't been set yet, but the company is looking at around July to August. Cube Entertainment is also planning on debuting a girl group with ex-Wonder Girls member Hyun Ah. Affectionately known as 'Hyun Ah Group', the member count and the group name have yet to be decided. Cube Entertainment did release a statement rather confidently "In many ways, Hyun Ah's skills have gotten much better than before. It will be good to anticipate her and this new group." They were originally supposed to debut in February 2009. Known for artistes like Lee Hyori and Davichi, Mnet Media has decided to launch a yet to be named classical 5 member girl group. They confirmed the members last year and have been recording ever since.

Mnet Media revealed "
This 5 member girl girl group is scheduled to launch sometime late May. It'll be a bright, dance group." With the dominant girl groups like the Wonder Girls, Girls' Generation and Kara currently on hiatus, can any of these girl groups make a breakthrough in their absence?

Source: allkpop.com

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With these new and old girl groups, this is gonna be a very stiff and tough competition for 2NE1. We must continue our undying support for 2NE1! HAHA. Hwaiting!!

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SBS 'Inkigayo' & 'FO' will not be shown on the 24th due to the passing of ex-president

Due to the passing of ex-president Noh Mu Hyun, all variety shows that was scheduled to show on the 24th on SBS will be cancelled.

On the 23rd, a spokesperson SBS had a talk with Money today star news and said "Because of the passing of the ex-president the whole nation is in mourning, we will cancel all the shows."

Instead of these shows, a program dedicated to ex-president will be shown.

Original article: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2009052314482412284
Translation credit: cookieMuncher @ http://ygsecret21.com
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it's cancelled T___T


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