With all the hype, the recent debut, and the nonstop talk of YG’s newest quartet, 2NE1 is beginning to feel the heat of eagle-eyed netizens. 2NE1, or YG for that matter, is being accused of plagiarizing video sets and concepts from Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A. of recent “Paper Planes” fame. Two scenes from 2NE1’s “Fire” bear a striking resemblance to those from M.I.A.’s music video for her single, “Jimmy”, from her second studio-album, “Kala”.

This is not the first time YG company has been accused of copying. What with Big Bang’s G-Dragon and his all too familiar melodies and mini-Timberlake Seungri’s shot by shot copy of “My Love” for his solo effort “Strong Baby” MV. In one scene, 2NE1’s Sandra Park is dressed in Halloween store Indian garb while multiple hands move in unison behind her, resembling a statue of an Indian god. In another scene, a group shot, all the members perform while standing in front of a large brightly lit wall covered in light bright robots.

Now I know many fans of 2NE1 will argue that everyone borrows from everyone else, but wasn’t the fact that this group would be new and original what got you excited about them in the first place?

With every new group there seems to be a new squad of netizens to stick to them like white on rice. Actually, I kind of like netizens, they keep groups in the news and give observers something to talk about. Without their constant observance, many of these idol groups, especially the new ones, would simply fade away. So people should be grateful for the free press, positive or negative. Vive La Netizan! (say “zan” like “san” with a French accent and hold your laptops over your heads).

Source: www.seoulbeats.com
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There are heated talks after someone posted up old photos of Big Bang GDragon posing with member Park Bom.

The netizen who posted it up commented, “Selca of Big Bang GDragon and 2NE1 Park Bom. Don’t they look really close?”

Netizens said:

  • “That was used for Big Bangs MV. Plus the 2 are from the same company, what is the big deal about them being close?”
  • “How about you upload a photo of your own stomach up and we’ll see if that’s funny?”
  • “What is so funny about her stomach? She is so pretty and slim. That was not a nice shot of her.”
  • Park Bom is pretty. Just can’t tell if she has gone under the knife or not.”
  • “Seriously what is the intention of this post?”
  • “They totally looked close and intimate. I hate Park Bom.”
  • “You all are tricked! This is off Big BangWe Belong Together’ MV”

Those aside, the group sure is getting alot of attention for a newcomer.

Credits to: sookyeong.wordpress.com
Edited and shared by: Together2NE1


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  1. Anonymous on August 22, 2010 at 2:01 AM

    well MIA, (form my motherland) is not the only one who does this in her videos, in loads of other music videos too they're are these type of hands moving at the back and stuff so i don't think it's a problem, i shud know better than any others cuz i've grown up with thes sort of dances and videos



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