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Together 2ne1 has now evolved into 21EVO
We won't be updating here anymore.
Bear in mind we will still be tweaking bits and bobs around the new site.
Join us on our chatbox and forums!

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[Me2day] me2day updates!

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Dara: 으음~ 꽃향기맡는행복한여자 산다라 혹은 다라..^^오늘 우리 멤바들도 다 행복해보엿어요! 너무 감사한거알죠?!유후~!싸랑하는데에~!!!!오오오!
Translations: Dara is smelling some flower looking so happy^^ All of our members look so happy today! Thank you for everything guys!! love ya!!! oh oh oh !!!!
(Sniffing the smell of sweet success!! congratulations again girls!)

CL: 두건쓴 쿠씨오빠친구분!
Translations: A friend of Kushy oppa wearing a beanie hat / hood.

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credit: me2day + together2ne1.blogspot.com - shaun roh

CONGRATULATIONS!! 2ne1 wins for the 3rd time at Mubank!
Their score is 13,499 points.
Watch Dara's ecstatic reaction when they won!
She seems to be their spokesperson this time and she also has flowers.
Its nice to know that the trophy is still intact!

Their shoes are so cute. Since its pay day today, Im thinking of splurging lol!
Have a nice weekend everyone.

credit: prot0980
@ youtube


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Mighty Mouth is on a roll with their featuring artists, yet again, with Hyun-ah of 4minute and Uee of After School for their line-up.

For Mighty Mouth’s new title track, both Hyun-ah and UEE will be featured in the music video. PS! had previously assumed it would be one of the girls from either 2NE1, 4minute, SNSD or After School just for the sheer power of their popularity. But who knew Mighty Mouth had the ability to get both Hyun-ah AND Uee to join forces for their own promotion.All together on their own!Hope u get wat i mean!

credit: ygsecret21 @ youtube

[VIDEO] CL's fanboy!!

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cred: allkpop

alright, so my youtube isn't working, and i can't get the embed code, but just click on the URL and it'll take you there LOL.

He apparently goes by the name Slime, and boy, does he adore CL! He made a song for her set to the tune of an ice cream truck "Chain Hang Low" by Jibbs. A couple of my favorite lines: "I also like SNSD, but they can't compare to you," and "Back then I liked Sandara noona more, after I watched 'Fire', I totally changed my mind."


[me2day] me2day updates!

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CL: 잘자 내일봐
Translations: I'll see you tomorrow night!!
(mubank maybe?)

Dara: 라디오를 끝내고 숙소에돌아
Translations: Just finished and got back from the radio station.

credit: me2day + together2ne1.blogspot.com

Together 2ne1 is MOVING!

Yes, you read that right. We are currently in the works of making the new blogsite.
We are planning to launch it officially on Saturday.
So, anticipate people! We hope you will continue to support & VOTE for us!
We will continue to blog our best! :)
Thank you!

Here's 2ne1 on Sukira radio earlier singin I dont Care & Stay Together.

credit: luvhyunnie + ygladies + manilyn12 @ youtube

Notice Minji's hair?! awww!

credit: ygsecret21 @ youtube

Want to listen to 2ne1 on the radio ?

- Open your internet explorer (it will only work on IE)
- cope and past this URL:

-click on 2fm
- no video unless you have Kong player.
- If it asks you to download a plugin for player, do so.
- Close browser and open it again.

- Sukira is finish.

Cute fan remake! The effort they put in on this video, i likey!
Thanks Shargo for the tip! ;)
(are u in this vid? heheh ;) )
Check out "CL's" shades! funny!

credit: shargo + bigbang2ne1 @youtube

These two new girl groups are setting up a concept that is a little different from those of previous female singers. They shattered the mold of cute and sexy singers and are currently presenting a powerful feeling using punk or boyish concepts. Instead of trying to be pretty, they are keeping their individuality with their bubbly charms. 2NE1 and 4Minute have an unconventional color.

The title songs of both groups are trendy. They use electronic sounds and hooks to create music that is closest to the current rage in music. 2NE1’s ‘Fire’ and 4Minute’s ‘Hot Issue’ are true to the hook song trend. African-style percussion instruments and reggae-influenced rhythms, along with 80’s funky rhythms make these songs unique.

The key features of the choreographies are their intensity and power. The overflowing power portrays a boyish feel. 2NE1’s Gong Minji and 4Minute’s HyunA set themselves apart from others by singing and either doing the splits or raising their legs high in the air at the same time. The interlude and melodies are loaded with power by including break dancing and other skillful moves.

The clothing shows the most unconventional color. 2NE1 wears vests with studded ornaments, leather leggings, Lego accessories, and high top shoes to create a mix-and-match feel. 4Minute has attempted to create a candy, funky look. Cyborg sunglasses, leggings with holes in them, and all kinds of shirts are being used to create a unique trend.

Jung Boyoon, 4Minute’s chief stylist, explained, “The fur and leggings with holes that HyunA wears, the members’ neon clothes, and high top shoes complete their funky style that stands out. We considered the fact that it is easy for the younger audience to imitate these outfits and that they could create a trend.

Source: Sports Seoul
Author: Nah Jiyeon Reporter
Translation: jreddevil07@soshified.com/forums

[VID] Cultural content vid

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credit : ratoka27 @ youtube


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