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Dara: 오마이갓!!!ㅋㅋ저 선물받았어요!^.^ㅋㅋ 센스있게비타민과 칼슘을!ㅠㅠ엉엉엉…저건강해질게요! 멤바들한테 자랑해야지!!! 애들은 자주있는일인데 전 희귀한일이라촌쓰럽게 급흥분!^.^ㅋ그럼 저 기분 좋게 춤연습합니다~!뿅!^^
Translation: OMG!!! lol I got a present. ^.^ I can see that a fan who gave me this present has a good taste of picking presents! Thanks! Im going be so healthy! It happens to other members a lot but not much for me so far.. so excited!! Im going pratice in a very good mood^^
(awww thats sweet! take your vitamins people!)

Dara: 채린이는.. 먼가..먼가다.. 선배님들,언니오빠들에게 정말 예의바른아이! 애교도 많지만 예의는 뭐~ㅋ최고! 항상 자기보단 주위사람 생각 먼저하는 아이! 힘들어도 어리광 한번 안부린아이! 그래서 먼가 더 이쁘고 안쓰러울때도있고^^; 그르타~! 아기곰같애!ㅠㅠ바보!
Translation: CL is kinda different..She is so polite to every person..She is always..overflowing with smiles..! she is always considerate of others people's feelings! never acted like a baby even when she had a very hard time! so sometimes i feel sorry for her... she is a baby bear!babo!!!

Dara: 이 사진은 먼가..달린포스!달온니와 아가린ㅋ씨엘은 어린나이지만완벽주의자에 멋진실력과 포스로 언니들조차 기대고싶게만드는 아이지만.. 과연 그게 다일까용~? 그렇다면 채린은 어떨까..? 다음 미투에서 밝히겠어요~ 다라리포타 지금돌솥비빔밥 먹는중~!ㅋㅋㅋ
Translation: This picture feels different..different force! DARA and CL lol ! even CL is very young but she always wants to be perfect so everyone expects a lot from her..... do u think that is all? what does CL think? im gonna talk about that in Me2day next time! im eatting dolsot bi bim bab~lol


credit: me2day + shaun



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