As i was browsing around on tons of blogs (its becoming a daily ritual and its giving me a headache at times lol!) , I stumbled upon an article on .
The writer chose CL as her #1 fiercest entertainer, #2 is G-dragon & #3 TOP.


My Top 3 fiercest entertainers

KPOP entertainers fall into various categories. Today I am going to tackle my top 3 fiercest entertainers in the game. As I jotted down my list, I realized my 3 all belonged to one company, YG Ent. What’s interesting about the different entertainment companies is that each bring their own kind of uniqueness to the game. SM brings cuteness, JYP brings innovation, and YG brings ferocity. So today, I present to you, my top 3 fiercest entertainers in the KPOP world.

3. T.O.P- Not only is this rapper of mega group Big Bang nice to look at, but he’s got such a unique raspy element about his voice that sets him apart from many other rappers in the KPOP biz. Another aspect that makes him fiercer than other artists is that unlike many other idol “rappers,” he was an underground rapper, which means he had a passion for this art long before his days as an idol mega star. He’s also got big potential to become a great entertainer later on in his days.

2. G-Dragon- Back in the early days of BB, I used to never give this guy a second look. To me he just seemed like a little kid trying to do big things. I’ve soon realized how wrong I had been. People may poke fun at his fashion paux here and there but when it comes down to it, this dude has what it takes to be a true artist. I respect his ability to step out and dress the way he does and honestly 90% of the time I think he rocks his hair and style to the tee. Aside from his fashion, G-Dragon is a fierce leader, rapper, and entertainer. He’s got that star swag that he rocks out just enough to make you love him and respect him.

1. CL- My number 1 pick for fiercest star in the game. I’ve said it so many times, and I’ll say it a million more times, this chick is FIERCE. Right now in the KPOP game, I can’t really think of anyone else who possess the kind of SHABAM! factor this girl has and she has my respect to the end. What I love about CL is that her off stage persona is so different from her on stage persona. When she’s on that mic and the lights flash she’s unstoppable. Now, I know she’s still a newbie and she has miles to go, but being that this is her first couple of months in the KPOP game, she’s impressive. She makes 2NE1 what they are and I think YG picked a gold mine with this idol.



  1. Jiyu Ong on July 24, 2009 at 8:05 AM

    Thing in common: YG Family members!!!

    You can't get any fiercer than ANY of YG's babies!

  2. Seraphiel on July 24, 2009 at 8:12 AM

    i prefer fierce than cutesy type. ;)
    being ferosh is IT!!



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