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CL: 이러고있다 -_-
Translation: OMG! she's doing that again. -.- (kinda hard to translate)

CL: 자기가 좋아하는 향수 내 옷에 뿌리고 킁킁 거리는 아쥼마..츄
Translation: The old lady who sprayed me her favorite perfume..

Dara: 우리 숙소 냉장고에 붙어있는 사진! 어제 찍은거에요^.^ 화목한 가정~ 비록 실수로 트로피가 뿌셔지긴했지만..^^;;; 우린 행복해요~~!앞으로 조심할게요! 너무 감사합니당~! 꺅!
Translation: This picture on the refrigerator was taken yesterday ^.^ Representing the happy family~ though trophy was broken by mistake.^^;;;; but we are happy!! Will be careful! thank you very much!!! wow~

Dara: 헉…오마이갓…ㅠㅠ어젯밤 탐탐이를 채린엄마 침대에서 재웠는데…..아침에 반납된 탐탐이는.. 실빱이 풀려있었다!ㅠㅠ어떡게된거냐친엄마!! 그러고바로 실빱을 정리해주더라는..흑흑슬포
Translation: huk! OMG.....mama chaerin slept beside TAMTAM on her bed last night....I saw TAMTAM's seams were open... what happend!! and then I tried to fix it right away !!! so sad...

Dara: 쥬륵쥬륵.. 어제 깨트린 트로피ㅠ흑흑흑 어떡하죠….본드랑 풀로 붙여봤는데 안붙어요.. 사장님은 이거 뿌셔진거아실까요? 뭐라고 말씀드려야될까요…ㅠㅠ 아이고..나 잠수탈래요!!!ㅋㅋㅋ뿅~!
Translations: T.T the broken trophy from yesterday...... what do i do now? i try bonds and glues... but it wont stick... is the president of YG is aware of this? what should i tell him? shit.. i just want to disappear.... boom~!
(awww you need a special glue for glass! :( )

Credit: me2day + together2ne1.blogspot.com +shaun roh


  1. AILEEN on July 25, 2009 at 5:01 PM

    the broken trophy! AWWWW so cute. HAHAH!

  2. AILEEN on July 25, 2009 at 5:02 PM

    The shirt she was hugging belonged to GD. xD



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