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Dara: 뮤뱅가던길..참고로 퉤니원의 여신담당은 봄이기 때문에난 요정을 맡기로했음!-_-;;ㅋㅋㅋ안겹치게!!ㅋ쪼기~ 뒤에보이는아가는누규? 밍끼??ㅋ쫄래~ 쫄래~ 오고있네요ㅋ밍지너무 자느라고 퉤니원TV에서 분량못뽑고있음ㅠㅠ 한참 클나이라 못자게할수도업고..이 언니한테 좀 배워야
Translation: On the way to Music Bank (show's name) FYI, since the goddess of beauty in 2ne1 is Bom, im going as an elf or something..! so it can't overlap each other. there there! little one, behind me. who's that? following hehind me slowly... MINJI is alway sleeping so she is not doing her job much T.T she's such a baby. she has to learn from me. haha
(dara is so random lol!! but she looks stunning here. Should try those semi curls sometime.)

Dara: 이거..ㅋ씨투더엘이 물병뚜껑과 글루건을 이용해 만들어준 하트!ㅋ시크한애가 이런거만들어서 그냥 휙~! 주고가니까 너무 웃긴거에요!ㅋ그래서 간직하고있음! 오늘 러블리한 하루되세용!^.^
Translation: This one..lol.. C to the L(CL) made this heart sing.. using lids of water bottles and glue.. sick CL made this and gave it to me and it's so funny right? so! im keeping it! have a lovely day~

Credit: me2day + together2ne1.blogspot.com + my pal shaun roh for translations



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