A survey was done from 19th till 26th July on CyWorld visitors on artistes minihompy visitor hits ranking and 2NE1 members Sandara Park, Park Bom and Gong MinJi was in the top 10 chart, all 3 of them have gathered over 480K visits to their minihompy on Cyworld.

Other than 2NE1 on the chart, other artistes’ minihompy on the top 10 ranking are Amy (who wrote about the pains she is going through amidst all the gossips and rumours she has gotten into lately) and Lee EulJung (especially since after she revealed photos of her boyfriend who is 7 years younger than her).

Another survey was also done at the same time on popular background music for Cyworld minihompy. And 3 of 2NE1’s songs are up on the top 10 chart with ‘I Don’t Care’ on #1.

Star Minihompy visitor hits:

  1. Sandara Park (238,505 visits)
  2. Lee Eul Jung (223,108 visits)
  3. Amy (173,918 visits)
  4. Park Bom (151,574 visits)
  5. Han HyoJoo (120,722 visits)
  6. Gi SeongYoung (120,027 visits)
  7. Kim HeeChul (114,090 visits)
  8. Gong MinJi (93,633 visits)
  9. Lee JunKi (88,430 visits)
  10. Lee Teuk (84,126 visits)

Minihompy background music:

  1. I Don’t Care – 2NE1
  2. NaengMyun – MyungCaDrive
  3. Words more beautiful than love – MC Mong
  4. Will You Marry Me – Lee Seung Gi
  5. Let’s Dance – Future Liger
  6. Abracadabra – Brown Eyed Girls
  7. I Hope – FT Island
  8. In The Club – 2NE1
  9. Pretty Boy – 2NE1
  10. Indian Boy – MC Mong


  1. Anonymous on July 27, 2009 at 4:39 PM

    i bet 2NE1 would go even higher if i knew their cyworld URL...
    can anyone show it to me?

  2. Seraphiel on July 27, 2009 at 6:07 PM

    come join our forum, the cyworls url is posted there.

    CL doesnt have one, just the 3.

    forum : http://z6.invisionfree.com/21evo/index.php



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