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CL: 다음주 대공개!
Translations: Coming next week!
(Ohhhh i wonder what it is!? MV? Pretty Boy promos?! please please!)

Dara: 흑…ㅠㅠ 열심히보컬레슨을끝내고6시반에 후다닥!!내려가서 티비를켯는데에…빅뱅TV만하고오… 우리는 무슨 1분도 안나오고오…ㅠ심지어 내얼굴은짤리고오..엉엉엉하지만 사장님과뱅님들 오랜만에보니 좋았아요!^^역시 간장게장은나야..흐흐흐…ㅋ^.^v
Translations: T.T after a rough vocal training... i went down at 6:30..! and I turned on the TV....there was no 2ne1TV..but Big Bang TV... They didnt even film a good angle of my face.. T.T but! I was very happy to see all Bingbang's member and boss YG..of course. ganjang ge jang is me!

Dara: 안녕하세요~!ㅋㅋ오늘은 퉤니원TV 하는날이죠? 오늘은 아마 와쥐티비빅뱅티비인가?ㅋ기대되요! 글구 내일 라디오 두개나있어요! 그리고또 음악방송도 하고 하다보면 일주일이 금방가겟어요!^.^ 일하는게 젤재밋어요! 내일봐요!~
Hello!!! lol 2ne1 TV is on today right? Today's concept is about YGTV and bingbangTV? im excited! We'll do 2 radios tomorrow! and more music programs as well. I think this week will past so fast. i like what im doing now! see you guys tomorrow~

Dara:좋은 굿모닝~!^.^ 화사한 아침입니다!!!앗 벌써 점심시간인가… 밥은 드셧어요? 전 밥도 잘먹고 비타민도먹었어요!^^Vㅋㅋ전 이제 곧 또 하루를 시작하러 나갑니다! 하루되세요!~
Translations: Good Morning~!^.^ lovely day today!!! huh.. Lunch time already?? .. have you guys eatten yet? i had a lunch and vitamin C...~ now im going to work again~ have a nice day!~

Dara looks stunning!!!! Huwaaaw! o.o
Im fixing my hair the same way before i go to work. ;)

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