2NE1 is heating things up in the KPOP music industry with the recent release and debut performance of "Fire." Kim Gwang Myeong of Moneytoday Starnews recently interviewed YG Entertainment's founder and CEO, Yang Hyun Suk at a restaurant near Hongik University in Seoul. Translation credits to ming^ming of Soompi.

Q: 2NE1 has gained great attention not only from the domestic market, but also from overseas since their debut.

A: Both ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Fire’ MV's were posted on one of the biggest US Celebrity Blogs Perez Hilton, in addition 2NE1’s debut stage that aired on the 17th was made known to the public on his blog again. Perez Hilton is a famous blogger in US, I think it’s amazing to receive such attention from him. (I added, "Yes, it definitely is!" Sorry for the interuption, lol.)

Q: What kind of activities have been scheduled/planned for 2NE1 in the future time?

A: Originally, we've planned to release 2NE1’s new mini album in July. However, in order to have an onslaught marketing strategy, we're planning to bring forward the release date to June. It’s not that we didn't think of having them appear on variety shows, but we plan to control their appearances for the moment. Big Bang used the same strategy by gaining certain popularity, and only then did they take part in variety shows. We also one to use this same formula for 2NE1.

Q: 2NE1 has different characteristics compared to the typical girl group. Not only their strong music but their style is also unique.

A: I think that the keyword for the current music industry is ‘Neutral’. The most popular female music makers in the US, don't have the complete feminine personality. 2NE1 is a group that is not only popular among the males but also gaining great popularity from the females. You can feel it from the SBS Inkigayo live broadcast on the 17th.

Q: What kind of singer do you want to produce in future?

A: I don't want to simply create a simple popular singer, but a singer that people will look up to. In an era full of media and public opinion, it's hard to create buzz without taking part in broadcast shows. However, the most important thing is still based on the planning stage / concepts and the actual music. There won't be much broadcast activities for the girls in the near future. Even though without any broadcasting, both ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Fire’ has still occupied first place on many charts.

Q: Things you would like to say to the public.

A: This is a long marathon, 2NE1 has just taken the first step in it. They've only shown a little bit of the whole picture, so please don't simply formulate an opinion on the start. They will improve and progress to be the best group, please continue showing your support and interest."

A pretty good interview with the Korean Music Mogul / former Seo Taiji Member. So for those of you who are big fans of 2NE1, unfortunately, you won't be seeing much of them on TV. While most music artists go on all the music shows (Inkigayo, Music Bank, Music Core, M! Countdown) 2NE1 will be only going on one show per week. At least you won't have to wait long for their mini album, moving the release date up a month earlier is a smart move, they're hot right now with 'Fire' so you want to continue that momentum.


As for the $400 - $600 Beats by Dr. Dre headphones you've seen 2NE1 wear (and Se7en), it was a customized gift from Interscope Records President Jimmy Iovine. According to this article by Cyworld, he saw a clip of 2NE1 member CL before she debuted and thought she had great potential. He likes 2NE1's music so he got his hookups to send them the headphones. Dr. Dre used to work with Interscope Records back in the Death Row Records days and also back in 2001, he sold a share in his Aftermath Entertainment Label to Interscope for $52,000,000. So Dr. Dre could hook Jimmy up since he has a good working relationship with them. Thanks to everyone who sent in tips.

Source: allkpop.com
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Ahhh, I'd love to have that RED one! I mean the RED headphone. Oh by the way, my name's AILEEN and you can call me LENNY. =D I'm one of the new co-author here so please bear with my colourful posts! (: And this is my very first post, fyi. I'm obsessed with Big Bang, thats how I know 2NE1. Credits to Big Bang. =D I absolutely love Park Bom's feminine look and CL's cheekiness. WEEEE~

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  2. AILEEN on May 23, 2009 at 10:57 AM

    HAHAHA thanks! You make me feel welcomed here!
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    and you're welcome. (Though I don't know why. HAHA xD)

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