The new 4-membered girl group 2NE1 delivered their feelings after their debut stage.

The YG Ent.’s new girl group 2NE1 which is formed by Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL and Minzy, had performed ‘FIRE’ on SBS Inkigayo on the 17th evening, it was their first time to meet with the audiences.

Before the day of 2NE1’s debut stage, they have been named as the “female Big Bang” and the ‘FIRE’ MVs have over millions views, and these have attracted many attentions from the fans. Upon that, people from the music industry and fans were paying more interest to their debut stage on that day. Most of them were satisfied with 2NE1’s first stage performance.

However, members of 2NE1 did not feel the same. Having an interview with the Starnews after their debut stage, the members said “after finishing the first debut stage, we think that we still have a lot of deficiencies. We will practice more on singing and dancing”.

They also mentioned “there were 1000+ fans that came to the debut stage, and that has given us a great impetus.” “In order to repay the fans’ support, we will bring about the performances that even ourselves are satisfied with in the future time”.

news source: starnews/21.impact
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