Hello readers! =) Well this is not much of an update but more to a.. umm heart-to-heart talk or something? HAHA, by the way, pardon my Engrish yeah. I'm from Brunei so my English will have a wee bit weird slang in it, I guess. xD

Well its confirmed that 2NE1's Album sugar will be out on July 1, 2009, there will be some free stickers included in the album. Omo, I can't wait! HAHA my birthday is on July 07 so I guess you can get me their album? Nah, I was just joking. And Mnet has a really bad cameraman and sound system. Thats random. =p

Anyways, to go straight to the point. I found out there's lots of anti 2NE1's out there bashing about our girls. Well, it's ok if they criticize about 2NE1's performance, but I really don't get it when they said this,

whats even worst, (in my point of view)
"I thought 2NE1 suppose to be original and unique like their fans say, but they’re doing whatever BB is doing too. Leftover is a no-no."

yeah, comments like these.. and the which is related to Big Bang annoys me. It's not that they wanna do whatever BB's doing. It's just an arrangement.. something like that. Take S.H.E and Fahrenheit in Taiwan as example. Their management company often put both of these groups together to get publicity, plus their sunbae, S.H.E could teach and show them the world of entertainment. Got my drift there?

Alright, I admit that I'm also a BIG FAN of Big Bang. And I'm crazy about Tabi (TOP). But I liked 2NE1 not because of Big Bang, y'know? They got my attention at the very first time I watched them in Lollipop. It's 2NE1's charima that grabbed my attention. How charismatic are they? Very very charismatic.
  1. You see, the maknae and the leader don't have the "pretty" look. But they got the confidence in them. Minzy owns the stage when she dances, and CL rocks the stage with her attitude.
  2. 2NE1 don't sing cute-ish songs. Best example of cute-ish singers, Kara and Girls' Generation. Sorry to Kara and Girls' Generation's fans. They're just.. too cute for my liking. o_o
  3. The first hip-hop-ish girls that I've ever met, usually the girls groups are more to.. sexy, cutey, and girly.
  4. CL has the strong stage presence as the leader which I absolutely LOVE.
  5. On the stage, they might be fierce like a "Fire", but behind the stage, they're really bubbly and dorky. =p
I'm thinking what should I add in here.


Feeling much better after expressing my views here. Sorry if I offended you in some indirect way or even in a direct way. ^^



  1. ILOVEYH on June 18, 2009 at 7:49 PM

    yes~ i'm really excited for their album "Sugar" XD it's making me diabetic ROFL
    omgee~ i also like TOP *fangirls*
    and *nods* i became a fan of 2NE1 not because of Big Bang. It's just that when I listened to their song, Lollipop, I was a bit disappointed coz its like "so-girly", but I still like it, really. And when their new song, "Fire", is released, 2NE1 caught my attention more. I was really glad that their styles are hip-hop-ish, and more like a "boy-ish" especially Dara, she looks good on it. Anti-fans are just lame -___- what's the point of becoming an anti? you'll not gain anything from it. it's just a waste of time. Okay, dislike them, it's alright. we're not forcing you to like them. but hating them is just too much. like commenting in some sites and saying such bad things to them, gees, give some respect. hating people is no good. plus, i was really sad when i heard that there's an anti-2ne1 cafe already, and it was CREATED when 2NE1 is not yet debuting. aish ~_~ they don't really know that much yet about the girls and they're bashing them already. haayz, anti-fans are like kindergartens >.<
    erm, well, 2NE1 really rocks the stage! their performance was awesome that i had to repeat it over and over again. XD

  2. AILEEN on June 18, 2009 at 8:29 PM

    OMO, ANTI-2NE1 CAFE BEFORE THEY DEBUTED?! WOAH!! that one got me laughing right here. Thats so childish! =____=

  3. FARAHH on June 19, 2009 at 6:22 AM

    Every singers have anti fans & fans.The more they have antifans, the more there's fans. So, no pain no gain. This post, you go girl! Hahahahha. 2NE1 HWAITING!!



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