Right now is said to be the war of the girlgroups in the Kpop zone, with so many girlgroups choosing to comeback into the Kpop scene this summer. And of them is newcomer girlgroup 4Minute, who has received much attention from the media and music fans.

Only known as the ‘HyunA’s group’ as before, this group is now more known to fans as 4Minute with great performance capabilities.

And they talked about their ‘rival’ group 2NE1 and hoping to be in a win-win situation with them in a recent interview.

It was known that the girls trained up to 2-3 hours 1-2 months before their debut as artistes under Playcube Entertainment. And there were many times when youngest member So Hyun had to attend school without getting any sleep.

So Hyun said, “Even though it is tough juggling school and training, but with the thought of fulfiling my dreams, all the hardship just went away. Right now I can really endure it.”

The truth is that SoHyun used to promote as group Orange, but after Orange disbanded, she thought that it is a shame to stop the career altogether and began training again.

JiYoon and So Yoon had wanted to be a singer since they were young. JiYoon also talked about how her friends and family have encouraged her to try this path to be a singer.

While for HyunA, she left the group WonderGirls 2 years again after which the group made big success with the song ‘Tell Me’. And she revealed that looking at them being successful on TV, she had wanted to perform on stage again too.

She said, “I’m more excited than anyone when WonderGirls won #1 with ‘Tell Me’. I thought it would be great if I’m on stage with them together and I was regretful of it too. But I’m really happy to be able to fulfil my dreams through debuting with 4Minute again.”

There has been much comparison after 4Minute’s debut with YG Entertainment’s 2NE1. The 2 groups debuted within a similar time frame, and they were also both very and known for their special characteristics (’Female Big Bang’ and ‘HyunA’s group’) even before debut.

4Minute said, “It is our honour to be compared with our seniors 2NE1, and it is a happy thing too. It will be good if 4Minute and 2NE1 can have good effect on each other and develope well together.”

credit: sookyeong.wordpress.com



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