It was reported today that actress Jang Nara has roped in her best friends, host Park Kyung Lim and singer Lee Soo Young and are set to do a parody of YG's girl group, 2NE1.

The recording which will be done this afternoon for a KBS program will see the 3 best friends form a pirated version of 2NE1. From their costumes to the makeup, they are going all out to make sure it becomes an eye-opener. Jang Nara will parody Park Bom while Park Kyung Lim and Lee Soo Young will turn themselves into Dara and CL respectively. Unfortunately for us, Minji is the odd one out here since there are only 3 of them.

The managers of the trio expressed that they had been preparing for this since the beginning of June and have been learning the dance cheoreography of Fire from professional dancers weekly. They even rented a recording studio to do their own remix version of the song. Jang Nara's manager said that the trio have put in loads of effort for this special performance and hopes that everyone would like it.

Jang Nara is also not doing this for herself but for her 2 friends who are making their comeback soon, and thus showing their deep friendship.

When your song starts getting parodied on television, it means that on a certain level, your song is becoming known to many people and also getting popular.

Congratulations to 2NE1.




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