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Ok I know this is pretty random.. but hey, it's kinda describing the 2NE1's fashion so yeah. =D Enjoy!

Alright, it seems like Korea's girl group's "Hot4" summer fashion items have become the keyword in girl group fashion TODAY.


  • Ripped leggings.
  • Cyborg sunnies.
  • Brilliant prints.
  • High top shoes.

Last spring, colorful leggings have been the fashion item worn by everyone but this summer it’s the more improved and unique ripped leggings that have been captivating the hearts of girl groups' stylists. Also, sporting different retro styled print shirts have been characterizing the different members of the groups as well. And the once, and still, popular high-top shoes for the males have received a new definition of 'bubbly and cute' after being worn by the female competitors. Lastly, those cyborg sunglasses sported ever so often by male idol group members like, TOP of Big Bang, have been found resting on the nose bridges of female idols as well.



Leggings with holes give off a definition of sexy. Many other pop artists have worn ripped leggings before this summer season but it has been an exception these days after the concept of girl groups have improved and as if naturally, ripped leggings have become the 'must wear' fashion item of the season within girl groups.

On the 19th, ex-Wonder Girl, Hyun Ah of 4 Minute wore ripped leggings with holes everywhere on stage. Korea's fashionista Seo In Young also wore black leggings ripped to look like window blinds and gave off a sexy and charismatic feeling. Ha Jooyeon wore unique leggings with short pants that looked as if they were connected to wristlets.



Brilliant prints are an important fashion item that must be worn within girl groups. These print shirts give off a brilliant hip pop feeling with graffiti you will find on the streets. Retro style and optical prints have also been receiving lots of love. Styling these printed shirts with ripped leggings and snow jeans have become very popular.

The new girl group 4 Minute has used printed shirts the most. They showed us track suits with strange pictures and mini dresses worn with stockings with prints that definitely do not go together. Sandara Park of 2NE1 also wore retro style prints with baggy snow jeans without any awkwardness. Hyunah wore a mini dress with a comical illustration on with blue fur and completed a sexy style.



Sunglasses have rejected its usual normal look. Cyborg glasses give off a futuristic feel you could find in science fiction films. The lenses are either connected as one or the frames have a metallic color. A unique look is completed when cyborg glasses are accompanied with an outfit from the ‘80s.

4 Minute’s member Jiyoon has been covering half of her face with cyborg glasses that reflect to orange lights. 2NE1’s CL’s sunglasses have the design of the frame covering half of the glasses that gives off a cool feeling. Also a member of After School, Beckha, matched her outfit with glasses of neon color that are connected in a straight line.



Big Bang has brought high-top shoes into popularity but now girl groups are wearing them in colorful colors and fun print designs. High-top shoes are shoes that are high enough to cover your ankle. The shoes go well with the 80’s style that has been popular these days. And for the girl groups who dance often have the advantage when wearing them for they protect your feet, yet they’re stylish. It’s 2 in 1 baby.

'4 Minute' has made the point of their high-tops as the color. They give off a girlish feeling with neon and pastel colors. After School match their concept with neon high tops and 2NE1 wears high tops, whose designs change every week to match their concept.

That was the ‘Fantastic 4’ of this summer’s ‘Must Haves’ for girl groups.

Newbie group 4 Minute must've become a ‘Hot Issue’ for their unique concept and of course 2NE1’s concept is a big topic as well.

Well, what do you think?
Are these ‘Hot 4’ items something you will sport around in public?

Credits: Allkpop.com
I'd love to own those cyborg sunnies. xD



  1. youth girls tops on June 23, 2009 at 6:45 AM

    The prints are so nice!

    2one rocks them out so well! <3



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