[NEWS] 2NE1 offstage for MBC radio.

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Female Big Banggroup 2NE1 covers Rihanna’s hit ‘Umbrella’ on 2nd June for their 1st radio show during MBC Park Kyung Rim’s Starry Night Radio. Come to the show everybody, it's 2NE1!

They sang three songs: their own hit "Fire," Rihanna's "Umbrella," and Big Bang's "We Belong Together," which features 2NE1's own Park Bom.

CL playing the part of Jay-Z, meaning rapping.
Netizens commented that, "its very GD." :D

Minzy still doing her signature move, the chest thrusting thing even though there are no audiences around. Her move's getting better! Don't chu think so? (:

The so-called "Female Big Bang" covers their male counterparts,
with a new wrinkle - Minzy's rapping.

MBC PKL Starry Night Radio

The fun-loving atmosphere gives fans a better look at 2NE1's personality, which is hard to glimpse when they're strutting their stuff on the music shows. With the radio-show setting, you could really hear the member's vocals, and it's clear that they can all sing capably at the very least (Park Bom is especially bombin'). Hopefully they can get over their rookie jitters and put on a vocal performance on the Banks/Cores/Inkigayos that matches what they did here. Though, I suppose it's a lot easier to sing well when you're not expounding so much energy jiving about on stage. Hope to see more from this female foursome, as they seem to have outgoing personalities that will please current fans and convert potential ones.

Kudos to: allkpop.com & sookyeong.wordpress.com
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random one, I LOVE BOMMIE! :D

aileen ; signing out.



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