2NE1, with their 4 members and 4 different set of charms, debuting as 'female Big Bang', is currently one of the hottest stars in the K-pop scene with hits after hits like ‘Lollipop’, ‘Fire’ and ‘I Don’t Care’.

We take a look into the interviews of each members from the eldest unnie Park Bom to the youngest member Gong MinJi of the group.

#1: Leader CL

When did you start dreaming to be a singer? And what type of singer do you aim to be?
  • From young, my dad had liked music. I grow up listen to music freely and gaining interests in it. The singers I really look up to are Lauryn Hill from the Fugees and Madonna. I see them as historical female musicians, really cool.

Your expressions and your acting in ‘I Don’t Care’ is really good. What were you thinking as you were acting?
  • Before our team hits the stage, we will cheer out ‘Let’s play’. Also I take the time to think about the day’s performance’s concept. And because even though it is just one concept, each member’s way of expressing the concept is different, each of us show a different type of charms. I think of the concept and related it to the lyrics.

What are CL’s charms in the eyes of other members?
  • SandaraA friend more fun than myself. She is polite in front of unnie and oppas, but she does a lot of aegyo (acting cute). Sometimes I feel like calling her unnie because of the good care she shows. She helps me with my clothes and fashion, and I also received much help from her in many ways. I think her eye-smile is really cool too.
  • BomShe is really clever. She shows a side that is really like a leader. She is the brain of the group.
  • MinJiShe is very thorough with her own work. She is really caring as well. She is also very dedicated when it comes to clothes and choreography. She has also a very special sense of fashion.
I heard that to become a YG trainee, you had brought your audition CD directly to CEO Yang Hyun Seok. Where did you get such bravery?
  • I think of this as my last resort. Back then I was thinking if this does not work, I’ll just have to try something else. I heard that to be able to meet Yang Hyun Seok you have to wait everyday at the company building and even have to stay overnights there. And to prepare my demo tape, I had put in a lot of practice and it was one of the most hardworking times of my life. I think of it and without fear I went for the challenge. I hope that is not the time when my passion is buring the highest.
Anything you want to say to your fans.
  • The other members have said that I was fun and like to act cute but I’m someone who cannot express myself well. I am more free around people I’m close to. But to say to my mother and fans it is a little improper. Even though we don’t get to mention much usually, we think of our fans as strong support. Previously on SBS Inkigayo on 12th July, it was raining so heavily but we are thankful that our fans came and show support.

#2 Park Bom

When did you start dreaming to be a singer? And what type of singer do you aim to be?
  • I liked music since young, and I appear in a lot of kids singing contests. And also because I like to follow and sing along to pop songs, I wanted to be a singer naturally. I remember that I wanted to really be a singer when I was 13. I want to sing seeing Beyonce and Mariah Carey. Especially, I want to learn the strong vocal and performance power of Beyonce.
Your expressions and your acting in ‘I Don’t Care’ is really good. What were you thinking as you were acting?
  • I just come up with whatever suits the lyrics. I try to act pretty a little too (laughs). I was told by the production team to act pretty on SBS Inkigayo on 12th July too.
What are Park Bom’s charms in the eyes of other members?
  • CL She is a 8-dimensinal girl. She is a really cute and extraordinary unnie. She is very hardworking and has great passion for singing.
  • SandaraFor me I try to go gag and think ‘I should be funny’ but for Bommie she has the natural talent to make people around her laugh. She is very caring in terms of feeding us health food and medicine. And she acts cute a lot too.
  • MinJi- She has a charming voice and she teaches her singing techniques very carefully. It is fun to talk to unnie. Even though we have big age gap, we are like friends. She has charms like a black hole.
It is a little late for you to debut as an idol singer, do you feel worried about it?
  • It will be a lie to say that I do not feel worried from the beginning. But seonbaes at YG Entertainment told me that talents are more important than age itself and told me not to worry about it. Because of them I’m ok now.
Anything you want to say to your fans.
  • They bring us good and presents when we appear on broadcast programmes. They know a lot about us and wrote us each member letters. I am very thankful for that and I will work harder to improve myself.

#3 Gong MinJi

When did you start dreaming to be a singer? And what type of singer do you aim to be?
  • Because I like dancing, I have followed the dance steps when I watch MVs. And I also like singing and that’s why I would want to be a singer. The most impressionable MV for me is YG Family’s ‘Fine Gentlemen’. And I recently watched Michael Jackson’s concert on TV. I was born in 1994 but the performance was in 1992. Even though it was an old performance I thought it was really good. And that is why I want to be a singer.
Your expressions and your acting in ‘I Don’t Care’ is really good. What were you thinking as you were acting?
  • I talked to the unnies about it and think of them. And the expressions will come out naturally.
What are MinJi’s charms in the eyes of other members?
  • CL Very cute. But amongst us she is the seonbae in terms of trainee days. She is very matured in the sense that she has started her trainee life from a very young age.
  • SandaraEven though she is very young, it is scary that she can do self-management so well. She makes sure she gets enough sleep and also do exercise and controls herself. She is very talented in dancing and is able to grasp dance steps very well. And when the unnies are tired she will also take care of us.
  • Bom She thinks very high and there are many times when she will surprise us. She is the maknae (youngest) who also takes care of the eldest unnie me. She also helps me in many ways like when we meet people, she will tell me ‘unnie you cannot say this or that’.
Even though you are the youngest, it feels that the unnies have a lot of things to learn from you. Are there times when you behave like an adult at home too?
  • Because I had trained for a long time and have been away from my family for long, the habits as the youngest do not come out much. And because I have learnt how to treat others from my teachers as a trainee, that is why I naturally becomes like this.
Anything you want to say to your fans.
  • Very thankful for showing us love without change. I believe that the fans ar always with us because I take the stage always thinking that I’m going there to enjoy the moment with our fans.

#4 Sandara Park

When did you start dreaming to be a singer? And what type of singer do you aim to be?
  • Seo Taiji and boys debuted when I was in elementary 2nd year. When I see them I thought “I want to appear on the TV like them too”, and that is how I wanted to be a singer. I respect seonbae Um Jung Hwa. Even though she is pretty, cute and charming, to say in one word she is a ‘cool woman’. I want to be a singer like who can take on all sorts of transformations on stage.
Your expressions and your acting in ‘I Don’t Care’ is really good. What were you thinking as you were acting?
  • The time on stage is very short. That is why I think of it as a sitcom and do the acting on stage. Even though the person who taught us the choreography also taught us to be delicate in our expressions, but when we take the stage, our expressions become more exaggerated. I tend to do over-action, because I wanted it to be more fun. And because I was the one with acting skills, it was a little pressurising on me when it comes to filming the MV. (Laughs)
What are Sandara’s charms in the eyes of other members?
  • CL Even though she seems cute, she is a very warmhearted unnie. She is very energetic and cheery as though going on broadcast programme for 24 hours.
  • MinJiShe always gives off a very happy energy. She is very unique and also a fun person to be with.
  • BomShe is the atmosphere-maker in the group. She is always like a fun friend.
You play the role as the endorphine in the group. What is the motivation to be always such an energetic person?
  • For myself, I like doing gags and enjoys great atmosphere. It is even more fun now since the members are able to coordinate and respond well when I pull a gag or trick.
Anything you want to say to your fans.
  • I am very very thankful for always being there no matter how we are. I am so touched that the fans waited despite the rain on SBS Inkigayo on 12th July.
Credits: sookyeong @ wordpress.com


  1. Anonymous on August 22, 2010 at 4:22 AM

    i wihs i had auditioned at that time..maybe i'd be in 2ne1 :P
    :( these guys seem fun



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