MANILA – In an episode of Yu Hui Yeol’s Sketchbook talk show in Korea, 2NE1’s Sandara Park and her band mates performed for their fans. 2NE1 is one of the fast rising all-female singing group in Korea.

The PhilipinesPambansang Krung Krung ng Pilipinas (roughly means the endearment use by the Filipinos to Dara for being dorky) sang her former hit novelty song “In Or Out.”

On the said presentation, each member (which also include CL, Minzy and Bom) showed their individual talents. When it’s Sandara’s turn to do her solo, she sang the chorus of “In” or “Out” and fans seemed to be delighted by it.

Although Koreans hardly understood the Tagalog song Sandara sang, they clapped along to the beat of the song that was once a major hit in the Philippines.

What’s so nice about this was the fact that eventhough 2NE1 is becoming the newest and hottest group in Korea, Park has not forgotten the Philippines.

According to one of her friends at ABS-CBN.Com, before they filmed the fans presentation, Park had a communication with them requesting for the “minus one” of the song “In Or Out” which was successfully sent to her by Star Records, her former recording label.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Park didn’t almost made it to 2NE1, according to YG president Yang Hyun Seok.

According to the YG president in a documentary made for 2NE1, even if she has passion and dedication for singing, it wasn’t exceptional. However, she was exceptional during her training days as she was the bravest because she endured the hardship and she showed that she is someone (a friend) you can count on and very professional.

Teddy, the producer of 2NE1’s first mini album, also added that even if Park is the shy type of person, she became different when she face the crowd during promotion. She change from being shy to a witty person and showed professionalism.

They launched their first mini album last July 8 and Park is now busy with her groupmates in promoting the new single “I Don’t Care”.

Sandara is not all sweet as she wants to portray herself nowadays. Her dark past in the Philippines where she started her career in the entertainment business is haunting her despite her efforts to ignore them.

Sandara went back to live permanently in South Korea in 2007 after her career in the Philippines went nowhere. Plus the fact that her savings were almost wiped out by her father, who was into gambling.

In fact, Dara’s father was arrested in the Philippines for estafa after he issued bouncing checks to a businessman.

Here’s the report date April 21, 2007 by GMA News, a Philippine TV media company.

"The father of Korean actress Sandara Park was apprehended Friday night in Pasay City by the Manila police for his alleged failure to pay P390,000 to a businessman.

Police identified Park’s father as Ik Su Park, 47, a trader who is billeted at Room 402, Marbella 1, 2223 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

The case stemmed from a complaint filed by Antonio Sy, 44, of 10 Onyx Extension, Barangay La Paz, Makati City.

The complaint said Sy was forced to charge Park for estafa after the latter failed to pay the money that he borrowed from the businessman in March 2005. The debt accumulated to P390,000.

The police served to Park the warrant of arrest issued by Judge Pedro Corales, of the Pasay City Regional Trail Court (RTC).

Sandara’s father is now under the custody of the Manila Police District’s Detective Beat Patrol Unit.

A bail of P40,000 was recommended for his temporary release." - GMANews.TV

As early as 2006, Sandara’s career in the Philippines has waned. Her decision to leave the Philippines was to make another life in Korea since her career was nowhere to go and her father’s arrest had also affected her.

Her posing for UNO magazine was prompted by her need to earn money since she was no longer hot among her fans. Her contract with a TV station wasn’t renewed and there were no offers for her to do movies.

Sandara took a big leap when she posed almost naked in the magazine. She shed her sweet image for money. Although it was a hot topic when the magazine came out, it wasn’t enough to ignite her career in the Philippines.

Now the sexy and daring photos and her past relationships in the Philippines are haunting Sandara in Korea. Sandara should face them and tell the truth.

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