[PIC] 21.07.09 me2day update

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DARA: 방안에서 음악소리가 울려퍼지길래 들어가봤더니 공밍끼 곡만드는중.. 오올…….공피디! 와우!^.^
Translation: "I heard some music sound from the room, so i came in. there was 공밍끼(minji) working on his or her music! 공 (GONG) PD wow!^.^"

DARA: 헉.. 나 꼬심당한거야?ㅠ 나 이제 씨에루여자칭구??ㅠㅠ안되 순진한달옹은 비싼여자야!ㅋㅋ싼다라 아니죠~ 비싼다라 맞습니다!^.^v
Translation: "wow. was i being hit on? now im CL's girl friend? no! 순진한달옹 (dara's name) is not that cheap! not a wh*** Sandra BUT Expensive to get Sandara!!"

DARA: 해적다라! 해적방송에 나오지요!^^내일이죠~? 아 궁금해궁금해!!!ㅠ내일은 어떤 장면들이나올지 얼마나 재미있을지…아 궁금해궁금해!
Translation: "Pirate DARA! DARA is going to be on pirate TV! tomorrow right? im so excited!!! im so curious what's going to happen tomorrow on pirate TV!!!"

DARA: 날 세균아줌마라고 불렀겠다….!삐삐머리한유딩!!이채린 이 꼬맹이!!! 때치할꼬야~!그래두 나 세균맨머리할때마다 1등했는뎅!^.^V ㅋ
Translation: "did u call me "SAEGUEN OLD WOMEN"? *£$%&* hair YOODING (its elementary kid or something like that)!! awfully short LEE CHE RIN!!! im gonna kick ur a**~!! but when i have SAEGUEN HAIR style . id always be first one^^V"

CL: " 다라언니꼬시는젝슨씨엘을 보고있는씨에루 "
Translation: " Chaerin seeing jacksonCL who is trying to hit on DARA?"

Credit: me2day

Translated by: Shaun Roh+ Seraph (pls credit!)



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